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Paying more attention to the present, or being mindful, can help you enjoy life more and better understand yourself. Mindfulness has a positive effect on mental wellbeing and can be developed in your own life. Take some time out to enjoy the moment and the environment around you. Mindfulness can be achieved through different activities such as walking, eating and colouring, so there is likely to be something that works you – it’s not just about meditating, if that’s not for you.

Local Offers


Park Bingo

Why no play Park Bingo, it’s a fantastic opportunity to discover what Kettering has to offer and you may find a park/green space that you didn’t know about!


Green spaces and parks

in and around the borough of Kettering details the best spaces


IAPT Changing Minds

are offering a free 6 week online course comprehensive introduction to mindfulness, a meditation-based skill which evidence shows can help people to manage stress, improve concentration and memory and lift their mood.


Northants Buddhists

are based in Kettering and host meetings for you to learn about meditation, develop meditation practice or find out more about buddhism.

Find out more about mindfulness


NHS Choices


Mental Health Foundation