A FREE workshop at the Newlands Shopping Centre aimed at ages 2-12 years old, helping children to relax and reduce anxiety.

Monday 30th March – Sunday 5th April is World Autism Awareness Week – a worldwide campaign designed to spread awareness and increase acceptance for autistic people.

To support this, Newlands Shopping Centre are providing a ‘Calming Bottle’ workshop on Saturday 4th April, created for children with sensory processing difficulties.

The workshop will allow children to fill a plastic bottle with water, glue and food colouring and then decorate it with sequins and glitter.

The shapes and glitter move slowly around the bottle when turned upside down, which is very therapeutic to watch and acts as a calming tool.

The sessions are pre-bookable only to help provide a calmer and more organised experience for the children. To book a session, please call 0121 770 1775.

***Sensory Hours***

During World Autism Awareness Week, Newlands Shopping Centre will be hosting a sensory hour every day at 11am. During this hour, the centre will not be playing any music through the speakers and will be generally trying to make the centre a quieter and calmer place.