Kettering’s Nightlife

Kettering Town Centre has a diverse, vibrant and safe nightlife with something to suit all tastes. In 2019 Kettering was once again awarded the national prestigious Purple Flag status.

Live entertainment events
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Places to go

We’ve put together a few highlights of the many pubs and bars you can find in Kettering. 


  1. Exotic Dining
  2. Kafe Bloc
  3. Lee Garden
  4. MuMu
  5. McDonald’s
  6. Prezzo
  7. Red Rose
  8. The Raj
  9. The Royal Bengal
  10. Sam’s Takeway
  11. Ciao Bella
  12. Wildwood
  13. Maeme’s Chicken
  14. Billionaires

Pubs, Bars

  1. Aqua
  2. Aura
  3. Brooklyn Bar
  4. Bar Seven
  5. Decades
  6. Earl of Dalkeith
  7. Jaspers Bar
  8. Kettering Spot On Snooker & Entertainment
  9. Abacus, Cheers Bar & The Loft
  10. The Alexandra Arms
  11. The Peacock
  12. The Prince of Wales
  13. The Shire Horse
  14. The Three Cocks
  15. The Stitching Pony
  16. Pop Central
  17. The Royal Hotel Emporio Bar


  1. Bewiched
  2. Café Culture
  3. Costa Coffee
  4. Kettering Balti House
  5. The Blitz Lounge
  6. The Kino Lounge
  7. Vintage Fleur


  1. Pizza Hut
  2. King’s
  3. Boston’s Diner
  4. Kettering King Kebab
  5. Kettering Kebab House
  6. Mystic Diners
  7. Subway
  8. Sultan Kebab House
  9. Flames Grill
  10. Domino’s
  11. Just Pizza

Off Licenses

  1. Happy News
  2. European Mini Market
  3. Rockingham Euro Market
  4. Kettering Linnetts Newsagents
  5. Premier
  6. Maja Sklep
  7. Paul’s Stop and Shop
  8. Alma Off License
  9. Freshpol
  10. Shajin News

Arts & Culture

  1. Alfred East Art Gallery
  2. Manor House Museum
  3. Kettering Library
  4. Starlight Dance and
    Musical Theatre School
  5. Kettering Arts Centre
  6. Cornmarket Hall
  7. Bonkers Playhouse
  8. Eden Centre Open Door
What is the Purple Flag?

The Purple Flag accreditation scheme is a ‘gold standard’ for town centres at night – similar to the Blue Flag for beaches and recognises excellence in managing a thriving, vibrant early evening atmosphere and that a town centre is safe after 5pm.

Yards Market Christmas in Kettering Events #ChristmasinKettering Lights Xmas James Acaster
What did Kettering have to do to get Purple Flag status?

The scheme, run by Association of Town and City Management (ATCM), is judged on criteria based around five themes. These themes are key to developing and managing successful centres at night. They include: wellbeing, safety, appeal, diversity and movement plus licensing policies. Destinations that achieve the required standards of 30 criteria can fly the flag and pride themselves as being vibrant and well managed.
Information, statistics and data were collected on the performance of Kettering town centre. Two overnight assessments were completed – a ‘self-assessment’ identifying any areas that needed improvement or action, and then a formal assessment carried out by two external Purple Flag Assessors. Successful applicants must go through interim and full renewals every other year.