GLaM is Go!

Welcome to our first project blog! Here, we will provide you with exciting updates into the GLaM development, including what achievements have taken place, what’s on the way, exclusive sneak-previews and more!

Six months ago we heard we were earmarked to receive £3m of competitive funding from the Getting Building Fund. As one of 13 projects in the South East Midlands region this was an amazing achievement, the GLaM project has been a work in progress for a few years, an ambition born from the Town Centre Delivery Plan which has been championed by our partners and key stakeholders and endorsed via consultation.

This project success has come at a time when our town centre, like the majority of others, is seeing the significant impacts of the global COVID19 pandemic; reduction in footfall and mandatory business closures will continue to have an ongoing impact for our local economy for some time to come. This project is one of the key cultural-led regeneration projects which aims to support the economic COVID recovery and the changing face of the Town Centre to be somewhere that people want to, not only shop, but also live, spend leisure time, connect with community, access cultural activities and more.

The project objectives and expected benefits are;

  • Deliver capital works for GLaM Phase 1 (two storey extension to the rear of the Gallery and refurbishment throughout the three buildings)
  • Celebrate, protect and revitalise key cultural heritage assets (Alfred East Art Gallery, Kettering Library and Manor House Museum
  • Expand and develop the cultural offer for all to enjoy
  • Dedicated and expand the British Library led Business & IP Centre
  • Increase and attract footfall to Town Centre

The funding programme being administered by SEMLEP has ambitious milestones that have to be met by all the projects nationally, these include planning permission to be in place by January 2021, which without the fantastic dedication of the project team and support from key stakeholders, the public and councillors it simply would have not been achievable.


  • Engaged a fantastic project team of experts to make this project a reality
  • Designed the external and internal layouts with local Architects GSS (who have a wonderful historical link to the building – check out their recent press release)
  • Engaged with key stakeholders to introduce the project concept and design drawings and seek their feedback
  • Tested and confirmed internal layouts with staff for functionality
  • Secured planning permission (please note; this approval is for a much wider long term scheme for the entire curtilage, funding secured is delivering phase 1 only).
  • Confirmed preparation plans for the site compound and refined access to minimise impact on tree removal


  • Landscape plan engagement

We recognise the importance and value of the natural environment surrounding the Gallery, Library and Manor House Museum and therefore keen to share our designs and ideas and seek your views! We will be sharing options and ideas in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for lots more information!


Sir Alfred East hoped that the people of Kettering would “find something in the Gallery to make their lives bigger, better and brighter….” This remains a core sentiment of the project GLaM